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Peer Support

Are you having a tough day?
Talk it over with someone who gets it: a healthcare professional peer.

Free​ | Confidential | It's Not Counseling

Confidential. Individual.
No notes or records.

Peer To Peer.
Not formal counseling.

Free To Banner Healthcare Professionals (MD/DO's & APP's).


Here is how it works.
Having a virtual session with a peer can be helpful, especially during a pandemic. 

Your work setting
Your Medical Credentials

We can match you with a Nurse Practitioner, if available.

Success! A peer coach will contact you via email.

You tell us your preferences. Don't share your full name if you don't wish to.

We will match you with a peer within two business days.

Share your concerns in a completely confidential and informal way. No info is shared with Banner or included as part of your medical record.

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Desk with Stethoscope

Enjoy being a physician or APP.

Talking about personal struggles with friends, spouses or colleagues doesn’t always feel right.
Physicians and APP's tend to internalize distress as part of their identity. It's OK to ask for help.
Taking care of yourself is another way to take care
of your patients..

This is NOT counseling. It's a peer-to-peer conversation.
No notes are taken. No records or reporting. 

Don’t tough it out alone.

If you are struggling and want to have an informal and
confidential conversation with a peer, this is for you.

10-12% of physicians

have a substance

abuse disorder

44% of physicians experience symptoms

of burnout

Almost 400 physicians
a year commit suicide
in the U.S.
Become part of the solution. Join us for a unique opportunity to be part of a community of support.
Connect to a physician or APP peer coach in an evidence-based peer support program. 
We can help with referrals to other Banner resources as needed.
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If you are a licensed physician or APP and have questions about the program, please call our confidential and dedicated line: (332) 255-8606.

Not ready yet or have additional questions?

You take care of people all the time. Who is taking care of you?

Too often, physicians and APP's avoid seeking emotional support when things get tough. Talking about personal struggles with friends, spouses, or colleagues doesn’t always feel right.
The emotional stress and the pressure to always be “on” can take a toll.
Please consult the attached documents in this section for additional support resources Banner provides for physicians and APP's.

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Are you in crisis?

While peer coaches are licensed physicians and APPs supported by CCA’s professional mental health clinicians, the program is not meant as an emergency resource. For any urgent issues or crisis situations, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.
This line is not affiliated with CCA or Banner.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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